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Our Hours:
Friday 1pm-4pm
Saturday 11am-4pm

When are you going back to "normal"? 


This is our new normal! 


When COVID hit we all were forced to be flexible. Like every other business in our community, we were forced to make changes to keep our customers and our team safe, and to survive the economic impact of this all. We found ourselves with the unique opportunity to give some real thought to how we operate. Of course, some of the changes we have made came out of necessity, but others have been really intentional. We have taken this opportunity to grow in a wonderful way, and have found new things that work for us that we hadn't even considered before. 

We have kept our team really small. We now have one shift, so we all get to work together every day. The result of this is that we have really grown together both as coworkers, and as friends.  In being open 2 days a week we are able to maintain this amazing dynamic, while offering you all the most variety, and the best possible customer service we can. 


Initially Wednesday became our pickup day because it was the only day I had kid-care.  Six months in we added Saturdays, offering frozen savory pies, and fresh sweet pies and quiche. At the time, this made the most sense schedule-wise for our team. When we figured out how to rework our prep days so that we could offer fresh savory pies on the weekends as well, we realized there was real merit to splitting up the days that were open, rather than having them back to back.  We bake everything fresh on our pickup dates, and our pies are best when enjoyed within 3-5 days of pickup, so splitting our schedule like this makes it possible for our customers to enjoy a pie every day of the week. 


One of our missions from the beginning has been to build community, and to support other local businesses and our local food economy along the way. It has always been about more than making pie for us. But the pandemic gave us the opportunity to do something else as well. 

Through our pies, we are able to bring comfort, and we realized the significance of this in a time when we all need just that. We have received many messages throughout the last 18 months sharing ways in which we have been able to offer that to you, and this has given a new level of meaning to what we do. We thank you for that.  It seems strange to say, but I have gotten to know many of you better than I did before the pandemic, despite the limited in person contact we have had.  We are tremendously grateful to you all, because without your support we would not have survived.



So, when are we going back to "normal"? This is our new normal. We know it takes some getting used to, but we hope you will, and we thank you for your continued support!


We are still working 5 days a week to facilitate being open Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if these pickup hours do not work for you, and we will do our best to accommodate your request! 

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